When Is The Best Time To Visit Cape Town, South Africa?

If you are planning a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, it is important to know when is the best time to visit the region. Typically, the best times to travel to Cape Town are between March through May and then again from September through November.

It is these two seasons where the region has the best weather and there are also less tourists. You will also be able to take advantage of lower prices for airfare and lodging accommodations.

However, tourists do need to be aware of one thing when they are making plans to travel to Cape Town. The seasons are reversed in the Southern hemisphere. This means that the summer season in Cape Town occurs during the same time of year as winter does in the United States.

With that being said, the most popular time to visit South Africa is during the summer but this is also the most crowded and expensive time to visit as well. It is not uncommon to find that the hotels are at capacity.

On the other hand, the Mother Land usually becomes much less crowded during June and August. This is when the weather turns cooler, and the constant rain quickly dampens outdoor activities and attractions that are frequented by tourists.

Visiting Cape Town Between December And February

The summer season in Cape Town, South Africa runs from December to February. It is during this time of the year when visitors from around the world decide to take advantage of the outdoor attractions and beautiful beaches that the city hosts.

If you want to visit the city during this time of the year, you will need to make all of your reservations several months ahead of time because hotels are booked out quickly.

The weather during the summer season tends to be warm, however, it is not brutally hot. The daytime temperatures during the summer averages around the mid to upper 70s.

Visiting Cape Town Between March And May

This is the ideal time of year for those who love wine. As the autumn weather brings cooler temperatures to the city, the tourists begin their mass exodus from the region. However, this exodus is also a sign that the yearly wine harvest is about to begin. The Cape wineries located around the city offer visitors the chance to take part in the harvesting and juicing of the fruit.

Even if you are not a lover of wine, this is still an ideal time of the year to visit Cape Town. The temperature in the day rarely reaches the upper 70s, and lodging is less expensive as the tourism industry begins to get ready for the slow season.

Visiting Cape Town Between June And August

This time of the year is the winter season in Cape Town, and it is also the season where there are very few tourists in the region. This means that tourists who do decide to visit during this time of year are able to save a lot of money in airfare and hotel costs as long as they do not mind the rain.

It is common for the city to see periodic rain showers that are accompanied by cold winds. However, with an average daily temperature in the 60s, it is still a great time of year to visit for those who enjoy cooler weather.

Visiting Cape Town Between September And November

During this time of the year, the city is alive with spring colors. You can take a trip to Table Mountain so you can see literally hundreds of plants that are bursting with vibrant colors.

Tourists will also enjoy warmer temperatures as the daily highs range from the upper 60s to the upper 70s.

As far as accommodations, tourists are still able to secure a good deal on hotel rates if they make their reservations at least a month ahead of time.

Visiting Cape Town, South Africa is a once in a lifetime journey for most. Choosing the best time of the year to visit will be dependent on your personal preferences.

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